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The image has a thousand and one vocations. To raise people’s awareness to humanitarian causes, to show the great day of the horrors, but also the beauty of the world, offer a showcase to the anonymous, to reveal the politicians in their daily lives. As of October 17, Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay will lift the veil on its 9th edition and it is a window that opens on the four corners of the world.

Twenty exhibitions, eight venues, a thirty photographers from all over the world on the globe ; Zoom offers, year after year, and programming is always more robust. The great manitou of the festival, Michel Tremblay has received more than 150 files of photographers this year. They will be thirty, sorted on the pane, to make an appointment with you on October 17 for the launch of the festivities at the hangar of the port Area of Chicoutimi. A colossal work, as one can imagine.

“I’m really happy with the programming, because these are not only photos gruesome, showing the horrors that happen in the world. Yes, there are, but there are also many other facets to the picture. It is important to have a varied offer for all tastes, but also to show what is happening in the world, although this is not always easy to watch “, explains the managing director of Zoom, Michel Tremblay.

“Photojournalism as we knew is in transformation. The one who was content to show the news, a bit like a cookie, is now a storyteller who must explain honestly and to put into perspective the events, ” says Michel Tremblay.

Zoom sur 1001 histoires

Greenpeace has proposed an exhibition, reminding us that photography has always been a medium crucial for the organization.


The visitor can all see the atrocities of our planet through the World Press Photo, but also smile in front of an exhibition showcasing seniors to exercise.

Always being the only festival of photojournalism in Canada, Zoom becomes a place of meetings and discussions a must for the artisans of the image. “In a world where photography is everywhere and where everyone is now a photographer, we must be the rendezvous key “, ” notes Michel Tremblay.

Because Zoom is not only about exhibitions, but also workshops and conferences. In addition, three non-governmental organizations (NGOS) offer the vision of their reality. Doctors without borders, Greenpeace, and human & Inclusion will present everyone the fruit of their work in images.

“The photograph has the power to raise people’s awareness of a reality. Several dramas have been released thanks to a single photograph. This is what we propose Greenpeace, Humanity & Inclusion, and Doctors without borders. This is particularly interesting, ” says Michel Tremblay.

Furthermore, the director-general is pleased that the cegep of Jonquière and Chicoutimi, and the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi, have exhibitions this year. “The festival is more and more recognized and appreciated. It does miracles with very little, ” says Michel Tremblay.

For the complete schedule, times and locations of the exhibitions, please visit the www.zoomphotofestival.ca.

Zoom sur 1001 histoires

The photographer Kali Spotzer sign Sasha “Taqsweble” LaPointe, in the framework of the exhibition True North.



We can never say it enough, a picture is worth a thousand words. It allows you to denounce, to inform, to touch and delight. Each photograph will live a different emotion to the visitors, depending on his personality, his interests and his emotions.

When flicking through the folders of exhibits to select pictures to complement the text of this report, the journalist has been particularly hard hit by the Kali Spitzer, showing a woman of the tribe of the coast Salish, a tribe of the coast of the Pacific ocean. Called Sasha “Taqsweblu” LaPointe, this photograph to the woman at the piercing gaze key by all of its non-said. The subject is beautiful, the black and the white, the word victim will be removed on an arm that does not extend to the stereotypes of beauty “traditional,” but so far from the reality ; this image is absolutely splendid. Hoping that it is printed in giant format.

Zoom sur 1001 histoires

The exhibition of Murat Yazar, shadows of Kurdistan.



It goes without saying that the director-general of the Zoom, Michel Tremblay, likes all of the exhibits presented during the event. But if he had to choose one, his favorite would be that of Murat Yazar, shadows of Kurdistan.

The photo series offers a glimpse on the kurdish community, a people whose culture and language often go unnoticed. A civil war between the kurdish community to the Turkish State for the past 40 years. The Kurds claim their right to learn their language in school and live independently in their own culture, but Turkey does not accept these claims.

The photographic project of Murat Yazar explores the kurdish regions of Turkey, examines this culture and the daily life marked by the civil war.

Zoom sur 1001 histoires

Photographer Susana Girón shows seniors whose form would blush many more young people.



The elderly are not the most popular subjects in photography. And yet. While the body of the athletes is often highlighted on the Internet, the exposure that The youth has no age offers an incursion in the older athletes. Finally.

“To be young is an attitude, as demonstrated by these athletes between the ages,” writes the photographer Susana Girón, in the description of the exposure. She listened to the men and women who participate in the world Championships veterans track and field, reserved for athletes 35 years and older. However, the featured athletes are mostly between the ages of 70 years. Each photograph shares the courage, enthusiasm and determination of these athletes.

In a world where youth is queen, to see these seniors at work, in a world other than the suffering, makes a lot of good to the morale.

Zoom sur 1001 histoires

Photographer Susana Girón shows seniors whose form would blush many more young people.


Zoom sur 1001 histoires

The Group capital cities Media this Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay and showcases the talent of its photographers and their photographs, including this one, taken at the G7 Summit by Michel Tremblay.



The official presenter of Zoom Photo Festival Saguenay, Group Capitals Media wanted to show the extent of the talents of its photographers. The holding of the G7 Summit, last June in Charlevoix, was the perfect excuse to put on an exhibit signed by the photographers of the press group. From Quebec city to La Malbaie via Bagotville, exposure To each its summit will revive the visitors these two days under high surveillance.

Donald Trump, who crowd the floor of the Bagotville military base. Enclosures protesters deserts. Tourists who enjoyed a meal on a terrace surrounded by riot police. The G7 Summit did not take place, as some have thought, hence the name of the exhibition.

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