Zoo defenders outraged by the new series Netflix

Zoo defenders are outraged by the new Netflix series

The international animal protection organization PETA has demanded to cut the scene of the murder of a pig from the upcoming Netflix series. Animal rights activists were outraged by the scene, during the filming of which the pig was also shot, in the new project of Danish director Nicholas Vinding Refn “ Cowboy from Copenhagen. ''

“ Killing an intelligent creature and using this death for entertainment is unacceptable, & mdash; PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange spoke out. “ No animal should suffer or die for entertainment content, and PETA is urging Netflix to remove any footage from editing that might glorify this pig's unnecessary mindless slaughter, '' it said in a statement.

Netflix so far did not react in any way to the calls of animal rights activists. Information about the series itself is kept secret. It is expected to be released on the Netflix streaming platform next year.

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