Zlata ognevich wedding dress stunned all: “been waiting for”

Злата Огневич в свадебном платье ошарашила всех: "Долго ждала"

Famous Ukrainian singer Zlata ognevich has shared an unusual photo

The girl posted on social network Instagram. She appeared before the fans in a wedding dress. Interestingly, this the photo she decided to post just before Valentine’s Day.

Under the photo, the actress wrote: “been waiting for this moment…Soon you will learn about everything!”

Злата Огневич в свадебном платье ошарашила всех: "Долго ждала"

Fans left numerous comments under the post Zlata, suggesting that she was going to marry. Some have called the singer a Princess, while others simply admire the beauty of her dress.

“Krasna” , “Princesa”, “Suknja neimovirna!”, “In my opinion, I guess))”, “Direct disney Princess”, “You’re beautiful”, “Zlatochka”, “Saracini on Valentine’s Day,” he wrote to fans.


Злата Огневич в свадебном платье ошарашила всех: "Долго ждала"

Earlier it was reported that the popular Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich, like most of her colleagues, gave myself a winter vacation.

From frosty Ukraine she went to Sunny Thailand. The star stayed on the beautiful island of Phuket, where the most popular beaches. According to Ognevich, with her was a bit of an unpleasant episode, but overall she is very happy.

The rest she promised to spoil forecasters — they predicted the entire vacation there is supposed to pour rain. As told by gold, it turned out to be wrong. Weather at the resort was warm and Sunny. In Instagram the singer posted a few photos in a bathing suit and spoke about his vacation.

“Those rains, which warned of all — no. Although, according to all forecasts — they are! There are practically no mosquitoes, especially when buying tools against them. Vaccination is not necessary, because here take even a newborn and all is well. Snake, one saw yesterday, after sunset, because I live near the jungle. But do not be afraid, because they are also afraid of us”, — said the singer.

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Recall that the famous Ukrainian singer took part in the #10yearschallenge. Photo shocked all fans of Zlata ognevich.

In addition, it was reported that new year’s eve, viewers will see the singer Zlata Ognevich with the new image and will be able to appreciate her unusual room in new year’s TV show.

More edition Politeka wrote that the album “Faces” was the debut for the artist Zlata ognevich, who has been conquering hearts with their songs in Ukrainian.

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