Zemfira released an anti-war clip: video

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 Zemfira released anti-war clip: video

The famous Russian singer Zemfira has released an anti-war video for the song "Meat".

Drawings by Renata Litvinova were used in the video.
< br /> In her song, Zemfira mentioned the city of Mariupol, which was practically destroyed as a result of shelling.

“Look at me – give up or remain a man and die
My wife is expecting a baby, waiting for me and sneakers.
Spring on the calendar,
but in reality trenches
and high-precision, long-range missiles.
It's midnight in Mariupol.
Nightmares are a dream every night.
I'm waiting for rations and I'm freezing. Two hundredths.
I would like to hug you…
We have arrived. Where are we going?
Why are we here? I'll be looking for an answer for the rest of my life,” Zemfira sings.

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