Zelensky supports deferral of the start of the energy market

Зеленский поддерживает отсрочку запуска энергорынка

The President is willing to delay the start of the energy market and a year and three months, but the decision is for the Parliament.

President Vladimir Zelensky supports the postponement of the launch of a new electricity market, which should start in Ukraine on 1 July, reported in Facebook, the representative of the President in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to liga.net.

“The President is willing (to postpone the launch of the electricity market — ed.) and a year and 3 months. But this delay can only be the Parliament, because it is the law”, — he wrote in comments under his post.

To postpone the launch of a new electricity market encouraged Ukraine at the offices of the European Union, the European investment Bank and the EBRD.

Last week electricity providers urged the President to delay the launch of a new market for a year.

In Parliament registered a bill that proposes to move the start of the energy market until October.

From Zelensky promise to halt deforestation

According to experts and participants of the market, the launch of the energy market from 1 July could lead to a sharp rise in electricity prices due to low competition in the industry.

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