Zelensky oversized coats visited the exhibition uz

Зеленская в пальто oversize побывала на выставке  Укрзализныци

Zelensky oversized coats visited the exhibition “Railways” [photo]
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Photo: President’s Office

The first lady once again chose an outfit from the brand SIX.

The wife of the Ukrainian President Elena Zelensky visited the exhibition Ukraine WOW, organized by “Ukrzaliznytsya”. About the impressions she told on the page in Instagram.

The first lady went on a virtual journey by train from East to West in red slacks, a dark blue Golf course and the blue coat from her favorite brand SIX. The upper clothes of this brand is an average of 1000-1500 dollars.

In the wardrobe Zelensky there are few suits from the brand SIX, a designer who is Julia Bogdan. She sewed a dress, in which the first lady met with the Pope at the Vatican.

– Personally, I most liked the copy of the magical house of Polina Rayko, artist from Kherson, and a room with “Crimean stories” – touching memories of the Crimean people, full of tenderness and longing for their homes – wrote the first lady.

Zelensky said that the exhibition virtual “climb” the observation deck “Motherland”, a 10-minute drive 1646 km from Uzhhorod to Kherson, to visit the “Tunnels of love” or to be the voice of the Ukrainian character of the cartoon.

WOW Ukraine exhibition organized in the former Luggage compartment, which has not been used since 2000 years. It is located on the 14th the platform of the Kiev station, near the depot, and the departure of the Express to the airport “Borispol”.


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