Zelensky have reacted to the events in Kharkiv

У Зеленского отреагировали на события в Харькове

The mayor of Kharkiv should act as arbitrator and not to take sides, said press Secretary of the President.

President Vladimir Zelensky called Kharkiv authorities to settle a legal conflict concerning the monument to Soviet Marshal Georgy Zhukov. About it the press-Secretary Yulia Zelenskaya Mendel Monday, June 3, wrote on his page in Facebook, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to the Correspondent.

She noted that the law on de-communization provides for the demolition of monuments to Soviet leaders, but at the same time there is a point, according to which exceptions are figures that contributed to the de-occupation of Ukraine from the Nazis.

According to her, the current situation in Kharkiv is an example of ill-conceived humanitarian policy, which lasted for the last few years.

Mendel stressed that the mayor of Kharkiv should take the responsibility as referee and not take sides.

“The President believes that the decision of such conflicts within the law it is exceptionally territorial community of the city. That provides for public consultations and hearings and the achievement of the optimal solution that would satisfy all parties concerned”, — stated in the message.

Zelensky have confirmed that Pinchuk visited AP

According to a spokesperson, since the Russian Federation began to comment on the situation with the demolition of the monument, Zelensky again urged Russia not to interfere in the internal Affairs of a sovereign state.

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