Zarca: “Omicron Was Found In The Sewers”

Zarka: & ldquo; Omicron was found in the sewers & rdquo;

At a joint meeting of the Knesset health committees this morning, referring to the Omicron strain, Minister Horowitz said that Omicron should be expected to spread rapidly soon.

The head of the health service, Dr. Sharon Elroy-Price, spoke about vaccination, with an emphasis on vaccinating children.

& ldquo; Judging by the data we see all over the world, antibodies are not enough for those who have had coronavirus to protect against this strain, and it is very important to get vaccinated. Vaccines don't have long-term side effects over the years, they don't exist. There is no biological sense to say that this time, after some time, they will appear. We know of seven million children vaccinated in the United States and 100,000 children in Israel who have been vaccinated but have not reported serious side effects. ” Elroy-Price went on to say that even without concomitant chronic diseases, the coronavirus can send a person to a hospital bed.

Professor Salman Zarka noted in his speech that he noted that Omicron was found even in the sewers. Therefore, we should think about further strategy.
According to the data, in samples taken a week ago, Omicron was found in collectors in Harish, Ayalon-Nesher, Ashdod and Netanya.

Ministers also approved the expansion the list of red countries, access to which will be prohibited from midnight, subject to the approval of the constitutional committee of the Knesset. New list: USA, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Morocco, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland and Turkey.

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