Zane Volkinstein’s book for children Dangerous Garden / Day has been published

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Zane Volkinstein’s book for children Dangerous Garden / Day has been published

Book Dangerous garden, addressed to preschool and primary school children and their families is a colorfully illustrated reading book. It consists of 10 stories in which older sister Jete tells her little brother Bruno, who will soon start going to kindergarten, how she went there to help her brother overcome insecurity. However, although Bruno doesn’t really know how life is in kindergarten, he has to wonder and ask questions from time to time, to which Jete is always quick to find answers.

The reader has an idea after the first evening of the story that maybe everything is not as it seems. Mommy remembers how little Jete, who hasn’t spoken well yet, just sat on the educator’s lap on the first day of kindergarten, not letting the educator get up – but in Jete’s story, this first acquaintance with the garden looks completely different: there is a pet day in the garden. , brought to his daughter by a giraffe named Telescope, the giraffe puts his neck through the window in the second floor room, and then the children, sitting on the giraffe ‘s neck, howl through the streets to the zoo.

When Bruno’s first day in kindergarten finally arrives, he says that everything was fine, but very differently than his sister. And immediately even the boy demands that now Jete starts telling him about his school – because it is so interesting to live in stories.

Zane Volkinstein is involved in cultural journalism and cultural projects, and has participated in the magazine Veto Magazine interested in contemporary circus, together with Baiba Grīnbergs has written a book on introducing Riga towers Above the ground (Safe and bright, 2018). Dangerous garden is her first collection of stories for children.

Zane Zlemeša is an illustrator whose name is better known in the context of comics. The artist, whose simple, naive drawing style is quickly remembered, has published her works in comic books. Kuš! (Latvia), That To Magazine (Finland), Stipburger (Slovenia), etc. The artist currently lives in Berlin. She also remembered Latvian readers with her bikibuk – illustrations for Valdis Grenkovs’ poem Disgusting fly, which in 2016 were nominated for the International John Baltwick Prize in Children’s Literature and Book Art.

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