Zambia releases eight Croatian nationals accused of child trafficking on bail

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 Zambia released on bail eight Croatian citizens accused of child trafficking < /p>

Four Croatian couples are accused of trying to smuggle four children out of the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo.

On Tuesday, eight Croats accused of child trafficking in Zambia were released on bail after being arrested last week while trying to leave the South African country.

The indictment alleges that on December 7 last year, four couples, along with a Zambian immigration officer, attempted to smuggle four children out of the neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo .

The defendants stated that they legally adopted children between the ages of one and three, but the Zambian authorities charged them with trafficking in minors.

Prosecutors opposed bail, arguing that obv the defendants can run away.

But Judge Jennifer Bvalha said nothing precludes their eligibility for bail if all conditions are met.

The court set bail of 20,000 kvacha (about $1,000) to each defendant and demanded two guarantees from reputable organizations.

The trial is due to begin on March 1st. The children's whereabouts or status is not known at this time.

Zambia immigration officer Gloria Sakulenge, 36, has also been charged.

attention to intercountry adoption in the Balkan country, where there are significantly more potential adopters than children who can be adopted.

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