Yury Gorbunov has shared a rare photo with his son: “Bomb”

Юрий Горбунов поделился редким фото с сыном: "Бомба"

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Oksana Gorbunov shared on Instagram the son

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Famous Ukrainian couple, Yuriy Gorbunov and Katya Osadcha, educates son Ivan. Their first son was born in 2017. A couple tries not to show the faces of 2-year-old boy, and therefore in social networks it appears only from the back.

Recently in the profile of Yuri was posted with the walks together with the baby. In the photo the little Gorbunov and Ivan go toe-to-toe.

Юрий Горбунов поделился редким фото с сыном: "Бомба"

Юрий Горбунов поделился редким фото с сыном: "Бомба"

“Son, hold daddy!” — witty signed the broadcaster.

In the comments fans have been actively discussing the new publication Gorbunova.

“Pohodon the same”, “Yeah it’s cool to watch. So I love it when dad works with children, is a delight incredible”, “dressed boys”, “Wow, wow, already adults”, “small Kurtak bomb, krasnymi “,” Little mod “,” Firmachi “,” the Cool kids. Health and well being of your family.”

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian showman Yuri Gorbunov filled up with photos of your Instagram.

Thursday, October 4 in Kiev, the Ukrainian premiere of the Comedy “the Driver of the wedding.” The show took place in the capital cinema “Kievan Rus”.

Comedy “crazy wedding” — is a Ukrainian feature film, directed by Vlad the Wild and the debut of the famous Ukrainian showman Yuri Gorbunov as a producer. The film starred Nazar Zadneprovsky, Pauline Vasilisa, Jimmy Vaughan-Vaughan, Lesya Samaeva, Alexander Kobzar, Kobzar Faith, Inna Prikhodko, Aram Arzumanyan and Alexander Begma.

In addition to professional actors, the film starred Ukrainian stars, such as Alex Potapenko, Oleg Vinnik, Monatic and Yuri Gorbunov. The tape was released in Ukrainian rental October 4, 2018 And television will premiere on the TV channel “1 + 1”.

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I must say that Yuri Gorbunov, like a real producer began actively campaigning for the film on his page in Instagram. So for the past few days the broadcaster has taken a lot of photos from the premiere and the guests and actors who played in comedies. And if earlier on the page Gorbunova new pictures appeared about 1-2 a day since the premiere they have about a dozen, and it took only three days.

Recall that Katya Osadchaya rests with Yuriy Gorbunov in St.Regis Mauritius.

In addition, it was reported that fans immediately asked the actor not afraid of competition.

Also Politeka wrote that Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov struck fans General appearance on a show.

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