Yuri Loza: Boris Grebenshchikov is an enemy of the people

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 Yury Loza: Boris Grebenshchikov is an enemy of the people

Pop singer Yuri Loza gave an interview to the Literaturnaya Gazeta publication. Among other things, Mr. Loza spoke about his attitude towards cultural and artistic figures who left the Russian Federation.

"– How do you feel about colleagues who left Russia after the start of the NWO?

– Differently. Someone just left and is silent, waits out or saves up new material – neutral attitude towards them. And, of course, there can be nothing but a negative attitude towards those who left and began to dirty and smear their country with everyone.

– What about those who raise money for the Ukrainian army like Grebenshchikov?

– Well, these are generally enemies. To hate one's own country in such a way to wish for its defeat, only an enemy can, and this is not discussed."

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