Yuri Antonov rebuked Laima Vaikula

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 Yuri Antonov rebuked Laima Vaikula

In the Russian Federation, they continue to be outraged by the statement of Laima Vaikule, in which she said that “she supported the entire Soviet Union, and Alla (Pugacheva) supported all this Russia, which is now presenting something to her.”

Today it is the turn to be indignant at the words of Vaikule Yuri Antonov. He said: “I perceive these words of Laima Vaikule as the stupidity of an elderly woman. Firstly, she refers to Pugacheva, saying that Alla supported Russia, while Pugacheva did not say this. Secondly, who is Laima Vaikule even against the background of our (not to mention the world) stage? Yes, nobody. When she talks about herself (and, separated by commas, about Pugacheva – Ed.), she tries on a royal robe that she has never worn.

Antonov also said: “The time is now difficult for our country . But, believe me, we will get out of this situation. And all those who now say abusive words against our country and people living in Russia will later bitterly regret what was said.

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