YouTube plans to add a number of new features

 YouTube plans to add some new features

The popular video hosting YouTube has announced new features that are planned to be added to the platform during 2022.

The video hosting plans to develop its format of short vertical videos — Shorts, which is an analogue of TikTok. YouTube wants to add new ways to edit videos, the ability to leave comments, and for creators — answer them with a video.

The service is also going to add purchases in Shorts, regular videos and live broadcasts and is exploring other ways to sell goods on the site. The company tested this feature in November 2021. In addition, YouTube wants to add a new way to sort — linked to a specific point in time in the video.

The company plans to add a feature where the user can interact with the video on the TV. YouTube writes that it will be “a new way to watch videos and leave comments.” The service does not specify whether it will be possible, for example, to rewind a video on a TV using a smartphone.

In addition, YouTube said it sees potential in using NFTs, and will also make efforts to develop the — first of all, the company will work on games.

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