YouTube launched dubbing in different languages

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 YouTube launched dubbing in different languages ​​

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Some time ago, YouTube started testing several new features, including dubbing. It looks like the experiment was successful as the company is already starting to roll out this feature to all users.

The function will allow to attract a large audience and, probably, save the company a lot of space on the servers, because now you don’t need to upload many videos in different languages, but it’s enough to make one with several audio tracks that are much smaller. Everything will work similarly to – the viewer opens the settings menu in the specific video player and selects the desired language from the list.

It should be noted that third-party dubbing will not be created automatically yet. Additional audio tracks will be uploaded by the authors of the channels themselves. Accordingly, they will either need to create audio on their own, or collaborate with dubbing studios for this. Probably, the new feature will be used in some cases– film studios, news agencies, international organizations that want to bring their content to the whole world.

However, ordinary YouTubers who, for example, shoot vlogs or other entertainment videos, are unlikely to need the function. More than 3,500 videos uploaded in 40 languages ​​have used this feature in early tests.

As of January, more than 15 percent of dubbed video viewing time was in languages ​​other than the original language of the video.
YouTube also reports that viewers watched more than 2 million hours of dubbed videos daily on the platform in January alone.

Initially, dubbing will only be supported for long YouTube content, but the company says it is already testing this feature for short YouTube content as well. rollers. The ability to customize the audio track of the video will be available on YouTube on all devices desktop computers, mobile devices, tablets and TVs.

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