YouTube allowed bloggers to swear

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 YouTube allowed bloggers to swear

YouTube is relaxing some of the profanity rules it introduced late last year. Mild to strong profanity is now allowed without the risk of demonetization, writes Мobidevices.

YouTube's policy, introduced in November, made any video that used profanity in the first 15 seconds of a video ineligible for monetization.

From now on, content creators who use abusive language in the first 7 seconds of a video will still be eligible for ads with some conditions. If the profanity is “moderate”, the video will not be subject to any restrictions.

However, strong profanity in the first few seconds may result in the video receiving only “limited ads”. YouTube also notes that excessive swearing still puts content at risk of demonetization.

The update also clarifies that profanity in background or intro music should not affect monetization status. The new YouTube policy comes into effect starting March 8.

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