Youth club “Vagnerenok” opened in St. Petersburg

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 Youth club “Vagnerenok” opened in St. Petersburg < /p>

In St. Petersburg with the support of "PMC Wagner Center" opened a youth club “Vagnerenok”, according to the Russian edition “Paper”.

Schoolchildren or elementary students come to the meetings. You can get a printed exemption from the 15-year-old organizer Xenia. Special Forces soldier Viktor Shmarkovsky gave a lecture on recruitment methods and hypnosis on February 22.

“For many years I have been involved in the military-patriotic movement and educating young people, I have been training them. I had to look for young guys who fit certain criteria – knowledge of several languages, good physical preparation and parents who are also connected with the military sphere. Once I recruited the same as you”, – Shmarkovsky said.

To become a member of Wagnerenka, the organizers ask them to write to them on social networks, and then bring them to the Wagner Center PMC. passport, two photographs 3×4 on matte paper and an autobiography. According to Papers, candidates for joining the club are checked by the Wagner Center security service.

As of March, the youth club has about 60 members, the project curator claims. At the first meeting of “Wagnerenko” On January 29, the leader of the party “Fair Russia– For the truth!” Sergei Mironov.

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