“You're just a zombie”: Rihanna revealed the details of the mother's life

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Barbados singer Rihanna, pregnant with her second child, shared details about motherhood.

She spoke about this for the latest issue of Vogue, remembering the first months of motherhood, when

“You don't sleep. Not at all. Even if you wanted to.” Folks, you are mostly zombies. You just make some movements,” she recalled.

According to Rihanna, who usually tries not to advertise her personal life, she admitted that at first there was no one to help her new parents after when her first child was born in May 2022.

“They trusted us to come home with this baby? No doctors, no nurses, just us… let's go home,” the singer shared her first emotions.

She stressed that after the birth of the child, the events “before” seem like “another life”. Regarding the new pregnancy, Rihanna said that she doesn't care if God sends her a boy or a girl.

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