Your tastes will tell you how you a good lover

Ваші смакові вподобання розкажуть, наскільки ви вправний коханець

Vegetarians were much hardier in bed

In a new documentary, shown by television channel Netflix, an experiment was conducted with a variety of dishes. The authors studied the level of sexual arousal after eating certain foods. Find out what taste preferences indicate that beside you ideal lover.

From the scientific curiosity of the researchers who filmed his experiment for Netflix, suggested three men different types of food before a night of love.

It turned out that men who ate vegetarian foods, become the best lovers. Only one food that does not contain meat, have already improved the performance of representatives of a strong half of mankind in the bedroom. In the experiment participated in the U.S. urologist Dr. Aaron Spitz (Aaron Spitz), which assessed sexual ability three athletes male after meals.

Ваші смакові вподобання розкажуть, наскільки ви вправний коханець

Vegetarians have more stamina in bed three times, and even more

Men gave Mexican burritos that contain beef from cows that graze in the meadows, organic chicken or organic pork one night and then vegetable substitutes made from soy and pea protein for the next night. The authors of the program have not seen how well men fulfill their sexual responsibilities with partners, but the estimated total activity throughout the night. It turned out that after vegetarian products sexual arousal of the husband at night, continued three to four times longerthan after meat dishes.

Of course, this is not a complete scientific study, but our results are impressive, says Dr. Spitz are in an interview with The Daily Mail. – I think it will motivate a large number of people. In vegetarian dishes, there are lots of other advantages, and we got another.

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