Young wife Kharlamov showed a photo of the bathroom: “This is exactly the reason for the divorce”

Молодая жена Харламова показала фото из ванной: "Это точно повод к разводу"

The wife of Garik Kharlamov, star of the television series “Interns” Kristina Asmus has pleased fans quite juicy pictures from the bathroom

This photo the actress posted in her Instagram account. It should be noted that Asmus looks on all hundred. In the photo she poses lying in the bath with the crossed knees. Christine smiled playfully at the camera, that is not indifferent to its subscribers, according to “”.

In just one hour Kristina Asmus “liked” wadati more than five thousand users of the social network Instagram. At the moment, the picture has collected almost sixty thousand thumbs-up.

Молодая жена Харламова показала фото из ванной: "Это точно повод к разводу"

However, as is often the case, the fans divided into several camps. It is worth noting that Kristina Asmus signed photo simply: “Find the 8 differences”. In this regard, some members commented on a post of the actress in the following way: “Find the real Christina!”.

Others, from the camp of the pranksters, said: “Kolenko in the form of priests?”

Or suggested this: “all right, this is exactly the reason for the divorce… In this photo you can determine that he is sleeping with his Secretary, even if she was a man and daughter judging by this photo also insanely spoiled”.

But there were those who supported Christine: “do Not listen to anyone, you’re an angel”.

Previously, Kristina Asmus published a picture of a bruise and eyes full of tears. Many fans of the actress excited. Photograph of actrice with a cut eyebrow and eyes full of tears, published in the personal microblog actress, terrified of her fans.

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Moreover, in the post was marked by geolocation — city clinical hospital 31. However, the excitement of the fans did not last long, until they read the caption to the ill-fated picture: “thank you All, and that’s a wrap!”

Молодая жена Харламова показала фото из ванной: "Это точно повод к разводу"

That is why in the comments below the post Internet users have already been asked different questions. “In the eyes of something dripping? A cut on the eyebrow like real one! Ffuh, I had the jitters, and it turns out, just shooting. I hope it’s not the truth, I hope it’s makeup, very scary and sad looking. Very realistic! No, I understand: stick scar, the wound is all clear… “to Do” tears — also not great complexity, but how to make swollen eyes, as if the night crying?” — they wrote.

We will remind, the founder of the Comedy Club of Artashes Sargsyan, want to “send in a body bag”.

As reported Politeka, Putin harshly made fun of in a Comedy Club, but the video began to remove from social networks.

Politeka also wrote that the famous American comedian died at the age of 32.

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