Young guys decided together to leave this life: the details of the tragedy in Chernivtsi region

Молодые парни решили вместе уйти из жизни: детали трагедии в Черновицкой области

Students Storozhynets gymnasium together leaped from the 6th floor of the building

A terrible tragedy occurred on the eve of Chernivtsi region, two young men jumped out of an unfinished building. They found random morning of February 16.

Residents of the city Storozhynets noticed two boys near the high-rise buildings on the street Matrosova. 19-year-old man died at the scene from injuries received in a fall. Second schoolboy has survived. 17-year-old boy was hospitalized in Storozhinetskiy Central regional hospital with hypothermia and multiple injuries. Physicians estimate its condition as heavy. However, the patient is awake.

Молодые парни решили вместе уйти из жизни: детали трагедии в Черновицкой области

Local police conducted initial investigations. They came to the conclusion that two young men tried to commit suicide. In this regard, law enforcers have opened criminal proceedings. They figure out the details of the tragedy in the pre-trial investigation. The case involved the specialists of the juvenile prevention under the control of the police Department in Chernivtsi region. They have to know, what pushed the two students to decide on a joint suicide.

Earlier it became known about the terrible suicide in Moscow. A student from the Crimea could not stand life in the Russian capital and went to drastic measures. His lifeless body in the apartment found aunt.

Молодые парни решили вместе уйти из жизни: детали трагедии в Черновицкой области

On 29 January, a relative of 15-year-old resident returned home from work around 18:00. In the hallway between the kitchen and living room, the woman noticed the corpse. As found by doctors, the guy lost his life by strangulation.

Shortly before the suicide of the teenager along with her mother moved from the Crimea to Moscow. Being an employee of the power Department, the woman got my own place closer to the place of service, and the child is temporarily sent to live in the apartment of the sister, after all, worked very hard and could not look after the boy.

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As it became known, the student complained to the teacher of Russian language and literature, which “ridicule and threatens to prevent the final exam?”. Your feelings about this guy pointed out in the last note. There he wrote about the hatred of Moscow, where he lost the love of self and life.

We will remind, the man took his own life in Kharkiv: grisly details.

As reported Politeka, the guy made a irreparable in Nikolaev, knowing that unloved.

Also Politeka wrote that Kharkov fell from a great height: photos from the scene of the tragedy.

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