“You will not wait!”: Leps commented on his hospitalization

Russian singer Grigory Leps personally commented on the news of his hospitalization.

The singer posted a video on Instagram, in which he stated that the news that that he was taken to the hospital in a state of alcoholic intoxication is a fiction. At the same time, Leps confirmed the fact of the hospitalization itself, stressing that he was admitted to the hospital due to a hypertensive crisis.

“You were once again misled that I’ve already“ died. ” Never! You will not wait! I had a hypertensive crisis, not very severe, but I decided to go to the hospital. I lay there for one day, they gave me a drip, everything is in order, '' said Grigory Leps.

The artist admitted that the hypertensive crisis was caused by the stress associated with a large amount of work. The singer assured fans that his upcoming concerts will take place.

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Publication from Grigory Leps (@gvleps)

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