You need to descend from heaven to earth: Realtor on the price of Pugacheva's castle

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When the house was built, there were rumors that it cost Maxim Galkin 10 million dollars. The star couple had 2.5 thousand square meters, 6 floors and almost 2 hectares of land at their disposal.

In 2022, the family moved to Israel, and more and more news appears that the castle is up for sale, but it has not appeared on popular classifieds sites. Usually such objects are offered individually to wealthy clients. According to experts, the billion rubles requested for the house exceeds the real value of the object.

  • Firstly, because it is located in an ordinary village, not an elite cottage village, without special infrastructure, security, SPA.
  • Secondly, utility bills and maintenance of this palace will cost in a million rubles a month.
  • Thirdly, the castle is very “amateur” – gargoyles, wooden panels and chandeliers for a thousand candles are considered by many to be a waste of money.

“Let's start with the fact that Pugacheva's house is clearly an amateur. Palace interiors and an incredibly large area are not fashionable and not relevant now. Despite the good location, this does not add to the price, since the house is located in an ordinary village”, — says realtor Milana Levchenko.
Bas-reliefs, tiles, marble, columns, statues and sculptures — all this is made of high-quality and expensive materials, but such an interior is not suitable for every owner. Most likely, the owners intend to leave all the furniture in the castle and included it in the price. And every thing here costs hundreds or even millions of rubles.

“Everything separately here is very, very expensive! People who understand such things will surely understand that an ordinary-looking sofa can cost 50 thousand dollars. And if someone else needs one sofa, then, coupled with gargoyles, which also cost tens of millions of rubles, there is hardly anyone who wants it, — the realtor thinks. “Decor items are insanely expensive but matched exclusively for the property owner. In general, in this version, the interiors are considered obsolete. And mixing styles is not at all an amateur”.

“You have to understand that usually expensive repairs do not pay off. The new owners want originality. Now they are buying a place and walls, and no one can ever recapture the price for repairs and investments in construction, – states the expert. “The chance that a person will buy a house, settle in it and live as it is, is zero.”

“It is almost impossible to sell it for that kind of money. Most likely, the price tag for the buyer will be in the range of 500 to 700 million rubles. And then, only a person will buy it, who is prestigious to take the place of the Prima Donna and be proud that he lives in her house, – expert notes. “The only way to sell real estate more profitably— this is to deprive the house of individuality, to clean up the space”.

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