“You Deserve to Die”: LGBT People Receive Threats

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Thousands of LGBTQ + representatives in Israel received strange text messages saying they “ deserve severe punishment, death and deportation. '' The author of the messages also urged members of the LGBT community to “ repent. ''

This was reported in the organization Agudah – Association for Equality LGBTQ + in Israel, writes The Jerusalem Post.

“ You deserve severe punishment, death and deportation from Israel. Come to the Or Elhanan yeshiva to repent, ”the message says.

The message indicated a phone number and a Telegram account that could be contacted. It was also stated that the message was sent by Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Hadash of the Ohr Elhanan yeshiva.

The rabbi denies having anything to do with the mailing. He told KAN that he had never talked about this issue, and this issue is not addressed in his yeshiva. Rabbi Khadash contacted the police to find out who sent the messages on his behalf.

It is not yet known whether the author of the messages used the leaked information. by pro-Iranian hackers Black Shadow who gained access to the data of the LGBT dating site Atraf.

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