Yoga solves many problems: who absolutely can not do

Йога решает много проблем: кому категорически нельзя заниматься

Yoga solves many health problems in men and women, but, unfortunately, does not fit all

Yoga for over 6000 years, and its popularity is constantly growing. Refer to it with different goals: some want to make your body strong and flexible, others – to preserve youth and good health, others to prepare for the birth of the child.

But all, without exception, want to have a slim figure, become more flexible, sexy, and improve your mood.

Йога решает много проблем: кому категорически нельзя заниматься


After yoga, many become more self-confident, as this improves the figure and mood, and calms the mind. Yoga affects all muscles, including deep muscles of the body. In yoga the emphasis is on proper breathing and strengthening of the back muscles and the press, because of their tone much depends: posture, gait, reducing load on the spine and stability of internal organs.

Due to the fact that yoga helps to balance, strengthen and expand the energy of the lower centers, such as the abdomen, pelvis, urogenital system, some asanas are particularly useful to women. Since, in varying degrees, health and well-being of every woman throughout life is dependent on hormonal levels and its fluctuations. Yoga cures diseases of the spine, asthenia, vegetative dystonia, nervous disorders caused by stress.

Who can not practice yoga

Yoga classes are not suitable for everyone and in some cases, still can affect human health. Abuse of yoga can become a cause of arthritis. To lead this disease are also exercises to develop stretch marks.

To learn yoga is forbidden for those who have acute and chronic diseases, mental disorders, diseases of the heart and blood infectious diseases of the locomotor apparatus, traumatic brain injury and spinal injury.

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Йога решает много проблем: кому категорически нельзя заниматься

At the same time, doctors do not deny the benefits of yoga. That yoga has delivered results, you should treat it as a comprehensive system of healing. Because you have to change the mode of the day, nutrition, behavior and perception.

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