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 Yo5 – jazz territory

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Andrey Makarevich is connected with music by his entire creative biography, with Israel by an old love, and now the center of life, with jazz for the last 20 years. But, if many people know Makarevich as the permanent leader of the “Time Machine”, a tireless traveler and intricate culinary specialist, then not everyone knows him as a jazzman.

The Yo5 project was born 7 years ago just from Andrey Makarevich's many years of love for jazz. After various projects outside the «Mashina…», the musician came to a new format in a clear and logical way. Tested by concerts in Europe, a mega-successful album and then touring around the world, the Yo5 project is coming to Israel again.

 Yo5 – jazz territory

The Yo5 concert program may seem familiar, and this will be partly true, since the names of the songs it consists of have long been known to fans of Makarevich's work, unlike the sound.
A new, virtuoso jazz interpretation of the songs, both his own and “Time Machine”, makes them masterpieces of a different order. The new compositions are completely different from everything previously played by the musician. Diversity, atmosphere and improvisation – these are probably the main characteristics of Yo5 creativity.
"Jazz– it is, first of all, the rhythm, – Andrei Makarevich says – Rhythm – it is the basis of everything that happens. At the same time, jazz is the freest of all genres, because it is based on improvisation and jazz musicians, unlike classical ones, cannot play the same piece the same way twice, even if they try very hard. It's terribly interesting, especially when you play with strong musicians. And I have gathered very strong guys in the line-up. Strong guys who are going to the – these are Andrey Makarevich himself (guitar, vocals), Evgeny Borets (keyboards), Sergey Khutas (bass), David Tkebuchava (drums) and Timur Nekrasov (winds).
In July, Yo5 will perform in Tel Aviv and Beersheba. There are two concerts in total: 27.07 at the Beersheba Performing Arts Center, and 28.07 – in the hall «Smolarsh» Tel Aviv University.
Tickets can be bought here: https://biletru.co.il/events/andrey-makarevich-you5 All information in BARD Productions: https://www.facebook.com/bardpro ​​

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