Ynet reporter attacked by IDF officers in military court

Ynet reporter was attacked by IDF officers in a military court

Two brothers, IDF officers, have been charged with attacking Ynet's military and security correspondent Yoav Zeiton.

The attack took place in March. years when the former convicted officer arrived from prison for a hearing at the military court. After the judges left the court, a Ynet reporter approached the defendant and took a photo of him.

The prisoner's brother, who was also an IDF officer, who arrived at the hearing in IDF uniform and officer rank, strongly demanded that Zeiton stop filming. The prisoner, in turn, began to threaten the reporter. As a result of the quarrel, the journalist's phone, taken from him, met the floor and the bench several times, as a result of which it became unusable.

The attack on the journalist took place in the presence of the military police accompanying the officer, but the police did not reacted to the brothers' attack on the journalist.

The phone, even in a damaged state, only got back to the owner after reinforcements were called into the courtroom.

“You'd better stay away,” the officer told the guards who were trying to take the phone away from him. “ I am already a prisoner, and I have nothing to lose. I'm already in jail. ”

The Ynet reporter received cuts and bruises on his arm as a result of the attack.

In the absence of the defendants, lawyers Alon Harel and Kobi Margolov replied: & ldquo; The indictment describes a chain of events that has no evidence base in the investigation materials. The incident began as a result of a provocation. The victim turned out to be one of the defendants, who had two broken ribs. All this will be referred to a military tribunal, and we have no doubt that our demands will be accepted. ”

The IDF spokesman said in response that“ this is an exceptional and serious incident of violence that will be investigated accordingly. both by the senior military police officer and by the relevant authorities at the General Staff base (KhaKriya) to prevent a recurrence. Such incidents. ” Since then, he has been convicted, sentenced to 11 years in prison. The court demoted the prisoner to the rank of private.

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