Yiddishfest 02, 05, 06 December 2021

Yidishfest 02, 05, 06 December 2021

For many hundreds of years, Yiddish has been the foundation of a rich and diverse culture that has spawned a unique Jewish identity. This language and creativity in it became one of the pillars of the national existence of the majority of Jews in Europe, and in the 19th-20th centuries spread to almost all continents. The Yiddish civilization reached its maximum flourishing in the vast expanses of the then empires & ndash; Russian and Austro-Hungarian, interacting with the languages ​​and cultures of the surrounding peoples. This unique cultural fusion formed the basis of a great spiritual heritage that we call Yiddish.

On Thursday, December 2 at 20:30, the festival will open with a concert by Frank Oz & amp; The Jewish Jazz 'Jewish soul', which brings together several musical genres: Yiddish and Khazanut, pop and jazz, Sephardic music and Mediterranean music.

Frank Oz's new and truly extraordinary program combines a modern approach, style and drive with Jewish culture and tradition. Frank Oz, a showman and jazz performer from Tel Aviv, viewers familiar with his work will easily recognize from the first notes, thanks to the charisma and special timbre of his voice. The symbiosis of folk traditions and love for music, absorbed by Frank from birth in the family, gives his work a truly unique sound.
Jewish jazz is designed for an audience of any age. Despite its modern form, it will help the listener return to their origins and feel the beauty of Jewish culture and Yiddish music.

Yidishfest 02, 05, 06 December 2021

The concert on December 2 will be preceded by a guided tour of Boris Brestovitsky “ Jewish humor '' in one of the sections of the new exposition of the museum dedicated to Jewish humor and its place in the mass culture of the 20th century.

Yidishfest 02, 05, 06 December 2021

On Sunday 5 December we invite you to open the curtain on the rich world of Yiddish literature. A literary evening with two events awaits you. The first & ndash; a conversation about the fate of the Yiddish culture and creativity in this language with people who have devoted their professional activities to the Yiddish culture. The discussion will be led by a well-known stand-up and TV and radio host Ilya Axelrod. Participating in the discussion: Dorit Golender, Vice President of the Genesis Foundation, former Israeli Ambassador to Russia; Rosa Litai, public figure, daughter of Nahama Lifshits; Diana Shapiro, Yiddish researcher; Leonid Roitman, researcher of Yiddish culture; Mordechai Yushkovsky, Academic Director of the International Yiddish Center at the World Jewish Congress.

In the second part, famous Israeli actors Elena Yaralova, Mikhail Teplitsky and Vladislav Peisakhovich will perform literary works of poets and writers translated from Yiddish into Russian. Viewers will hear excerpts from Sholem Aleichem, Itzhok-Leibush Peretz, Isaac Bashevis-Singer, Chaim Bader, Eli Bader, Moshe Teif and other writers. Each piece that will sound during the evening & ndash; a unique story of a person, author, town, generation, whose fate will be told by Mordechai Yushkovsky.

During a break, you can enjoy the smell and taste familiar from childhood – traditional Jewish Ashkenazi food.
On the evening of December 6th, you will immerse yourself in the world of Jewish music. The program of the gala concert will feature famous folk, author's and modern songs in Yiddish performed by famous soloists: Vira Lozinski, Ruth Levin, Marina Yakubovich, Mikhail Riskin and Mikhail Gaisinsky. The presenter of the concert & ndash; Mordechai Yushkovsky.

Before the concert, we invite you to sightseeing tours of the ANU Museum.

Frank Oz & amp; The Jewish Jazz The Jewish Soul. Thursday, 2.12 at 20:30
Literary evening. Sunday 5.12 at 18:00
Gala concert. Monday, 6.12 at 19:00
Preliminary excursion at 17:00
Ticket price for each event & ndash; 70 NIS.
The cost of a combined ticket (gala concert + excursion to the ANU museum) & ndash; NIS 90.
General ticket for all festival events – NIS 210.
Ticket booking:
https://www.anumuseum.org.il/ru/event/fest- יידיש- music- literature-and-tour/
or by Whatsapp: 03-7457808

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