Yarmolenko named the best player of the national team of Ukraine

Ярмоленко признан лучшим игроком сборной Украины

Andriy Yarmolenko, midfielder of London “West ham”, became the best player of Ukraine national team in 2018

Andriy Yarmolenko, the football team of Ukraine and the “West ham”, was named the best player of the national team in 2018, according to the authoritative portal InStat.

Yarmolenko scored 288 points for five matches in the national team, only one point more than Yevhen Konoplyanka, who showed the result 287 points in 10 matches.

Ярмоленко признан лучшим игроком сборной Украины

In third place is Marlos with record 286 points in 8 matches. The fourth position is defender Alexander Karavaev (283 points in 10 games). The top five rounded out Yaroslav Rakitskiy with a score of 272 points in 6 matches.

Ярмоленко признан лучшим игроком сборной Украины

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Recall that Andriy Yarmolenko, Ukraine midfielder, replied Nicholas Nesanica him. Mykola Nesenyuk, head of media relations Dynamo, on his page in Facebook wrote a post in which he praised the players of the English “West ham” Andriy Yarmolenko, but reprimanded him for what he gives an interview to Ukrainian journalists in Russian.

“Look, everyone needs to speak the language in which he wants to talk. I moju spilkuvannya s you ukraïnskoyu movoyu, moju — rosiyskoyu. Smut for me is not a TSE, and those scho znahodytsya at heart. It’s important, dwellers of skin-loving my kraïnu have serdc, not govorim ti Chi INSHI way on camera. I love Ukraine everyone knows, what does heart, meni Badugi hto I scho to talk about less than one about those that I movi sploosh”

Ярмоленко признан лучшим игроком сборной Украины

Informed Yarmolenko has told, how was his adaptation of the English club and what goals he sets for the future.

“Since my first day here I felt part of a big family. This is a very friendly club, where a good atmosphere. I feel happy here. I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and claim that we’ll win the title, but we have step-by-step think about the next meeting. Of course, every player wants to set for ourselves the highest possible goals, but as we say in Ukraine, it is not necessary to run ahead of a steam locomotive.

We want to play good football, which will appeal to fans and the players themselves. If we do this, we get the place we deserve in the end of the season.”

Recall, Yarmolenko after the operation addressed to fans, touching video.

As reported Politeka, the players and the Dynamo fans got a surprise for Yarmolenko: photo.

Also Politeka wrote that Yarmolenko took the fight to the well-known leader: Want to take revenge.


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