Yama smashed nikitiuk before the finale of “Dancing with the stars”: I hate

Яма разнес Никитюк перед финалом "Танцев со звездами": Мне очень неприятно

One of the judges of the popular Ukrainian show “Dancing with the stars” Vlad Yama revealed the truth about his conflict with the finalist of the project Lesya Nikityuk

The winner of the show will be determined this Sunday, November 25. Compete for the title of best dancers of the country there are a couple of Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Yezhov and Irakli of Makatsaria and Yana Zaitseva. In this case the judge was actively criticized dancing skills nikitiuk, and Catherine Kuchar and Vlad Yama even said that she is unworthy of being a semifinalist of the project.

In a new interview with Yama openly spoke about what he felt when he learned that [goes to the finals.

Яма разнес Никитюк перед финалом "Танцев со звездами": Мне очень неприятно

“Disbelief, kind of disappointed. Primarily Vishnyakova Pasha and Yulia sakhnevich. Imagine yourself in their place, and I felt very uncomfortable,” — said the famous choreographer.

He added that all departed prior to this, the participants also seemed to him “worthy” nikitiuk on the floor.

Яма разнес Никитюк перед финалом "Танцев со звездами": Мне очень неприятно

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Show business

According to Pit, the reason nikitiuk managed to reach the final, is solely in the “people’s love”.

Pit noted that the presenter truly believes that her dancing skills are constantly evolving. However, the choreographer himself does not think so.

“There is progress, but it is minimal. Dance level Lesya and the remaining participants even incorrect to compare. If we are talking about dance, it’s just people from different planets,” he told Yama.

The choreographer also talked about the process of preparing a joint dance that they nikitiuk performed on one of the esters.

“I can say that the dancing Forest are quite difficult. But I was pleased with her attitude. Despite the jokes, it is quite thoughtfully belonged to the rehearsal process,” admitted Yama.

Яма разнес Никитюк перед финалом "Танцев со звездами": Мне очень неприятно

He also commented on his conflict with nikitiuk, which came after leading in response to the remark of the choreographer said about the need to “shut your mouth”.

“Behind the scenes, we communicate, but I can’t say that I one hundred percent forgot what happened at the air. And especially do not think that in that situation yourself properly led…Yes, we say Hello, sometimes, just kidding, but best friends will never,” he told Yama.

He added that nikitiuk never apologized to him personally after the incident.

Recall, Vlad Yama after “Dancing with the stars” changed his profession.

As reported Politeka Nikityuk and the Hole will sort things out on the floor, the scandal is gaining momentum.

Also Politeka wrote about who might win “Dancing with the stars.”

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