Yair Netanyahu sues former Knesset member

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 Yair Netanyahu sues former Knesset member

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Yair Netanyahu, the prime minister's son, filed a NIS 150,000 defamation lawsuit against former Knesset member Stav Shapir today Thursday.

The lawsuit was filed because of Shapir's words in the Ophira and Berkovich program: “This is the violence that we see how Yair Netanyahu uses. We see how his father uses violence… It seeps out of the Internet, in front of tens of thousands of followers, becomes the kind of violence we see on the streets when something points a knife at a person who has just crossed the road and kills him.

“Shapir said things that amounted to defamation of the highest standard, along with pure agitation. Differences between the parties to the conflict are the reason for her invitation to the TV show, along with the fact that the defendant is a political opponent of the plaintiff's father. Obviously, harm to the plaintiff would be indirect harm to his father. All this establishes the fact that the statements not only constitute slander, but were conceived and spoken with the intent and intent to cause harm, & mdash; the lawsuit says.

It was further stated that “it is inconceivable that the defendant proves against the plaintiff the fact that he is the cause of the murder of a person”, and this is only an “expression of opinion”.

Simultaneously with the suit in the Tel Aviv Magistrates Court defamation lawsuit filed by Shapir against Netanyahu and a counterclaim filed by him is underway.

The two clashed on social media after Benjamin Netanyahu, as prime minister, accepted his son Avner into his home despite the coronavirus lockdown at the time. Shapir criticized Netanyahu, and Yair replied: “You Are you sure you want to talk about morality in light of the failed project you were trying to set up with a pedophile lover and regular visitor to Epstein's pedophile island? You are ugly inside and out. Find yourself a permanent Arab husband who won't leave you. Go to some village, convert to Islam and leave us alone.”

Shapir responded with another post in which she wrote: “Now that I read what the Prime Minister's son writes, minister who has been educated and is now squandering taxpayer money, I see a liar, a villain and a racist. A child's mouth is a father's legacy.”

Yair Netanyahu answered her: “Stupid communist, lover of pedophiles. I didn't take a shekel from the state. You owe the taxpayers eight million shekels.

Shapir denied this accusation and called it false.

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