Xiaomi sold out the first batch of flagships Mi10 60 seconds

Xiaomi розпродала першу партію флагманів Mi10 за 60 секунд

60 seconds Xiaomi has earned nearly 30 million dollars for Mi10

February 14, Valentine’s Day in China started selling a new flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi10, presented during the brand presentation maker. Despite the relatively high price, all the starting party of the new products found new owners at record speed.

The company initially focused on “serious” buyers who are ready to leave a Deposit in the amount of $ 14 dollars at checkout for Xiaomi Mi10.

However, during the first minute after the start of sales of the whole party gadgets (roughly about 50 thousand units) is fully sold out. The total amount of income for those 60 seconds Xiaomi made $ 28.6 million.

Earlier in an interview with the head of Xiaomi lei Jun announced that the company has at its disposal the necessary capacity to cover the demand for novelty, despite the epidemic coronavirus.

Xiaomi розпродала першу партію флагманів Mi10 за 60 секунд

The epidemic can affect lives, but it doesn’t cause us to lose, – said a top Manager told reporters.

According to Xiaomi, the new party Mi10 flagship will go on sale on 18 February in conjunction with the retail debut of the Pro version. The cost of the base and the “charged” modifications starts at $ 573 and $ 716, respectively.

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