Xiaomi introduced electric bed: it’ll hold up to 12 people

Xiaomi представила електричне ліжко: воно витримає до 12 осіб

Bed from Xiaomi can withstand up to 1000 pounds

For those who thought that the range of Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi is not big enough, the company introduced another gadget. 8HMilan Smart Electric Bed is a bed with smart functions, a heated and a number of features that can make sleeping much healthier.

The bed control is how to use branded mobile apps and using voice assistants. One of the functions of the bed was the ability to adjust the angle for maximum comfort.

The reason which is responsible for the regulation, consists of two engines, allowing you to adjust both halves of the bed: the upper part is in the range from 0° to 60°, and the bottom – up to 30°. The app is already available five preset settings that allow you to quickly change the most suitable angle.

For the manufacture of bed and the sub-brand of Xiaomi 8HMilan used high strength fiberglass and alloy steel, which indicates the strength of the product and ability to withstand heavy loads. How to assure the representatives of the company, one segment of the frame is not subjected to deformation when exposed to forces up to 75 pounds. The bed can withstand up to 1000 pounds. Certified manufacturer the durability of the frame is 10 years.

Trim the “smart” beds made from ecological fabrics, which visually resembles the skin. During testing, the engineers at Xiaomi have found that the appearance of mechanical damage of the material may be held not less than 20,000 cycles when tested on friction.

The bed price Xiaomi is $ 285. Sales will start on 3 December.

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