Wounds opened at the deceased after the terrorist attack – already after being discharged from the hospital

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 Wounds opened after the terrorist attack - after being discharged from the hospital

Lidor, the son of Shalom Sofer, who died on the morning of November 8 from wounds received after being stabbed in an attack near Kdumim two weeks ago, spoke about the last two weeks and sudden death his father.

“He was at home, the doctors said that everything is in order and now there is only recovery – mostly mental and physical. A week after being discharged from the hospital, he was already at home,” says Lidor.

seconds he lost a very large amount of blood,” he describes with pain. "It happened last night. We are grateful for the great miracle – he was able to snatch a knife from a terrorist and move away from the scene of the attack. We were sure that in a day or two our strong father would return to strengthen Samaria and fight for our holy land. But this did not happen,” he added sadly.

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