Would-be parents, for years scoffed at his little daughter: “I put the video for sale”

Горе-родители годами издевались над маленькой дочкой: «выставляли видео на продажу»

In the Dnipropetrovsk region would-be parents involved 3-year-old daughter in porn

Ukraine shook the scandal: the Prosecutor’s office Poltava region reported about the detention of spouses who molested and raped his own daughter. As it became known, the husband and wife have a small child involved in pornography for the money: they were filming pornographic material with the participation of the girls and then sold them.

Over the past two and a half years, would-be parents made 63 episodes of criminal activities in the Dnipropetrovsk oblast, and Poltava. They moved from one rented apartment to another and recorded a pornographic video featuring his daughter. Then they sold the videos on the Internet. Over the years criminals have raped and molested the girl to satisfy the sexual needs in the unnatural way.

Горе-родители годами издевались над маленькой дочкой: «выставляли видео на продажу»

The Prosecutor’s office Poltava region approved and sent for consideration to the court for consideration the indictment. 30-year-old father and 31-year-old mother accused of criminal violations that provided part 3 of article 149 (trafficking in persons), part 4 of article 152 (rape of a minor), part 3 of article 153 (sexual violence), part 2 of article 156 (corruption of minors), part 5 of article 301 (manufacture, sale and distribution of pornography) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

Offenders face a prison term of 15 years. The injured girl is now in public institutions for social and psychological rehabilitation.

Горе-родители годами издевались над маленькой дочкой: «выставляли видео на продажу»

Previously, we reported that the Pope at one of his press-conferences admitted that some priests have raped nuns in monasteries. He said this during his tour of the Middle East.

In addition, Dad said that there were times when the nuns were literally kept in sexual slavery. He is confident that this problem still exists. He told how his predecessor, when he was already on the throne, abolished one of the monastic congregations just for that.

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“Pope Benedict found the courage to abolish one of the convents, which became its occupants in a sense of slavery,” said Francis.

We will remind, the schoolgirl gave terrible torture friend.

As reported Politeka, the man made a massacre of the girl in the pharmacy.

Also Politeka wrote that came the horrifying details of the massacre of the girl near Odessa.

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