Worst second behind the wheel

 Worst Second Driving Ever

Every driver has such a second in his life. Someone will remember a brake failure or a double overtake. Someone is icy or a drunken pedestrian. Still others will call a concrete slab or an open manhole. Yury Geiko, candidate for master of sports in motorsport and author of books on automotive topics, called the second when the driver wanted to sleep the biggest danger on the road.

A few years ago, Ford conducted a survey among Russian motorists. Almost a third of drivers said that their eyes were stuck behind the wheel. According to statistics, this is the cause of every tenth accident. That's why scientists around the world have begun developing devices to prevent drivers from falling asleep. Research group «KSOR» offered her solution – monitoring system “Antison”, which has already become widespread. After its implementation on the basis of Mosgortrans, the safety of passenger transport in Moscow increased by 26 percent. reads in the face.

An attentive passenger in the front seat will always notice in time that the driver has fallen asleep or is distracted from the road. To save him and yourself from an imminent accident, you can shout, push, attract attention. This simple principle was used by a group of companies when the Antison driver monitoring system was created. With the help of video surveillance and artificial intelligence, Russian developers have taught the car to see when the driver in all modes of transport begins to doze off or is distracted. A non-contact device captures this by facial expressions, eye movement, head rotation. When warning signs appear, the device immediately turns on the sound and light safety signals.

A device similar to a video recorder with a speaker on the dashboard is installed in the cab. It begins to identify the driver's face after starting the engine and is able to continue working 24/7. The system includes three components:

A video camera with an infrared filter;

Neural network for analyzing the incoming video stream and signaling;

Monitoring Center.

With the help of devices, dispatchers receive operational information about all threatening situations, including data on speed and geolocation. Thanks to the accumulation of data, the system makes it possible to create a risk profile for each driver for subsequent analysis of the problem, risk reduction and possible advanced training. In addition, the video analytics function allows you to optimize the logistics of traffic.
This is a completely domestic high-tech product based on computer vision, machine learning and Big Data. The KSOR engineers were assisted in the development by the Academician V.S. Semenikhin Research Institute of Automatic Equipment, the Skolkovo Innovation Complex and Rostec. Even today, the monitoring system prevents traffic accidents and improves the safety of all road users.

Where does Antison operate?

The first tests of the monitoring system prototype began back in 2014. Four years after the start of the project, it was introduced into Mosgortrans State Unitary Enterprise.
Since 2020, antisleep detectors have been used in Russian regions – on passenger transport in Kazan and Togliatti, on corporate and cargo vehicles of the gold mining company Polyus; in Krasnoyarsk, at MAZs in Sochi. The system operates in the surface transport of the Moscow Metro and the rolling stock of Mosgortrans. Now it provides a high level of security for more than 10,000 vehicles across the country.
The first months of using antisleep detectors on Mosgortrans vehicles under the contract showed that the number of incidents threatening people's life and health has decreased by 2.5 times. This is due to the fact that the device can record several factors at once:

Open or closed eyelids of the driver;

Talking on the phone or smoking while driving;

Traffic without a driver;

Deviation from the established route or long stops;

Closed or rotated camera lens, interference in the field of view. />The system provides signals if the person behind the wheel has turned away for more than 5 seconds or covered his eyelids for more than 2 seconds. According to the Center for Legal Expertise of Roskachestvo, the inattention of those driving is the cause of traffic accidents in 85% of cases. Therefore, controlling the behavior of drivers immediately increased the safety level of Mosgortrans.

The most terrible second behind the wheel

Today, the monitoring function is in demand not only in the operation of buses or trams, but also in other companies involved in the transportation of people or goods. Installing devices, by virtue of reducing risks, increases the operational efficiency of any enterprise. “Antison” system can be in demand among professional drivers or amateur motorists, and even in areas far from transportation. Night gamers, for example.

Double security

At the very beginning of the application of “Antisna” some drivers of Mosgortrans had questions about the safety of the installed cameras. There were reviews of employees in which they complained of a deterioration in well-being. A class action lawsuit was filed with the court by the interregional trade union of public transport workers. Representatives of the Ministry of Defense argued that the radiation exceeds the established standards. One of the most cited media outlets in the field of telecommunications and information technology, Cnews, closely followed the news and provided comments from all participants, including Mosgortrans and CRRF.

According to the manufacturer, the forensic examination did not answer whether anti-sleep devices comply with the norms and rules of technical regulation of the Russian Federation for such devices in terms of their safety for human health. This answer is on the company's website xor-group.ru. All certificates of quality and safety of the system are laid out here in accordance with GOSTs and international standards. Everyone can independently study all the necessary documents and make sure: the intensity of infrared radiation is two hundredths lower than the standard established by sanitary rules of 0.05 W/sq.m. This is less than from a TV or smartphone.

The manufacturer insists that monitoring detectors have passed mandatory declaration and voluntary certification. The absence of harm of these devices to humans, including photobiological safety, was confirmed by special additional studies. After questions from drivers, Mosgortrans employees organized several explanatory conferences and meetings. At each of them, with documents in hand, the organization's specialists argued that the new installation contributes to double security. It does not harm the health of the driver and reduces the risk of emergency situations on the road. The introduction of devices based on Mosgortrans brought OOO "KSOR" diploma of the winner of the Rusbase Digital Awards 2021 in the nomination “Logistics”.

Prospects for development

Monitoring system “Antison” preparing to expand to other regions. Driver functional state detectors can appear even on roads with poor cell coverage. The stable operation of the devices will be ensured by the Next Mobile operator with the technology of automatically flawless connection (ABS). It allows you to automatically select the network of one of the three operators with the best reception at each point. In 2021, CRRF tested the ABS technology in underground transport conditions and in regions with low coverage. The devices showed correct operation even with an unstable communication channel.

Another direction – designing devices for AS 3.0 transport with even more functionality. It is difficult to overestimate the usefulness of this device. Some drivers think that the Antison system they won't need it. They try not to overwork behind the wheel and observe the regime of the day. But the sad statistics of accidents show that an emergency on the road can happen to anyone. Accidents caused by drowsiness most often occur in two periods of time: from 0 to 8 hours and between 13 and 15.00. the internal biological clock sets the human body to sleep regardless of the state of fatigue.

 Worst second behind the wheel

Taking care of safety today is much easier than before. Innovative technologies from groups like CRRF make machine intelligence work for humans. The use of these developments and devices gives a real chance to solve an important state problem and reduce the number of accidents in the next decade to zero.

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