'World's dirtiest man' dies after taking first bath in 50 years

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 “The dirtiest man in the world” dies after taking the first one in 50 years bath

On Sunday, Iranian Mou Haji, who had not bathed in over half a century, died at the age of 94 in the village of Deygah in southern Fars province, IRNA news agency reported. “The dirtiest man in the world” avoided eating fresh food and taking showers for fear of getting sick, the agency quoted a local official as saying.

But “for the first time a few months ago, the villagers took him to the bathroom to wash up,” – IRNA reports. “Shortly after that, he fell ill and committed suicide on Sunday.”

Although Moe Hadji never had a family, the locals treated the eccentric with some sympathy and built him a cinder block hut to keep him awake in a hole in the ground.

In recent years, the eccentric Iranian has become an object of curiosity: people have posted videos about his strange behavior – he smoked up to five cigarettes at a time or smoked dung. It was alleged that he preferred to eat rotten porcupine meat, and drank five liters of water a day, collected from puddles in a rusty bucket. Despite this unorthodox lifestyle, Mou Haji was quite healthy, which was confirmed after an examination by a group of doctors from Tehran earlier this year.

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