World Rave Giants LITTLE BIG To Rock In Israel

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 World rave giants LITTLE BIG will rock in Israel

8.11.2022 – 9.11.2022
Haifa 8.11 ZAPPA CLUB
Tel Aviv 9.11 Hangar 11

“A little big” American-St. Petersburg punks write “pop”, perform “rave”, create collaborations and believe that there are a lot of accidents in their lives. Guess who these guys are? Well, of course, Little Big – original St. Petersburg punk-pop-rave band from… Los Angeles (that's where the guys are now settled). And already on November 8, these Russian giants of the big world rave will perform in Israel with their “New Tour”!

Little Big– not new to the Israeli crowd. This super audio-visual project with a huge fanbase in many countries of the world finally won the love of Israeli youth after the coolest collaboration with the winner of Eurovision 2018 Netoy Barzilai. Fans of their work Little Big and Netta were pleased with a very extraordinary video work about women with mustaches for the song Moustache (“Mustache”).

This clip – some self-irony of Little Big vocalist Ilya Prusikin. Fans of humor appreciated and delivered a verdict: the work – good luck, musicians – pro, original clip – on top (only in the first two days he scored two million views). And as a reward – Little Big received a piece of love from Netta's fans. The guys accepted it with gratitude, as well as the love of fans from England, Spain, Canada, Russia, USA, Ukraine, France. After all, she gives wings, inspires the guys to new songs, new works, sometimes very extraordinary ones.

In the “jukebox” Little Big has many collaborations with famous artists such as Oliver Tree, Tommy Cash, Finch Asozial, Ghostemane, Clean Bandit and Sacha Baron Cohen. Their music videos collect millions of views. The clip “Skibidi” was especially notable, becoming the most popular clip, which was viewed by more than 600 million people around the world. However, the Little Big single “UNO” is breaking new records. – it has become the most viewed video in Eurovision history, with over 250 million views to date.

And you know what's the most amazing thing? In the events that take place around the group and with the group, the guys themselves see a lot of accidents.

“There are a lot of accidents in the history of Little Big – on April 1, together with friends, they came up with the song “Every Day I'm Drinking”, recorded it, filmed a video, posted the Network. It turned out that the clip shot. And everyone began to say: “Maybe you will make a group?” But the band still might not exist if we weren't invited to open for Die Antwoord. We're like, “Wow, wow, we don't have any songs.” “But you have a month.” And we wrote six songs, shot videos, they dispersed. Nobody thought that we would make money on these songs. So it happened», – Little Big vocalist Ilya Prusikin, known on YouTube as “Ilyich”, said in an interview.

Well, Ilyich! Well, weirdo man! In life, all the accidents – not random, nothing just “shoots”! And the fact that the star of the punk-pop-rave band Little Big – it was predetermined from above, by the Gods of this very show business. The best evidence of the demand for the product that the group gives to the world is the numerous tours of Little Big, which are sold out in Europe, Asia and other countries of the world. Is this not proof that rave is in demand today more than ever. And this despite the fact that the guys did not invest a penny in the promotion of themselves, – they're just… filmed… video.

They are not only recognizable in their homeland, in Europe, in the USA, where they settled for some time, they are incredibly popular in Israel. And it was Israel, with its incredibly incendiary fans, that was designated as the country where the guys would definitely come and present their work from the New Tour. Moreover, according to the guys from Little Big themselves, they cannot forget their past – wild in energy, enchanting and crazy concert at the Tel Aviv Gagarin concert venue.

Looking forward to the giants of world rave and Israeli fashion music lovers. The topic “Would you like to invite Little Big to Israel?” It has been repeatedly discussed on numerous party forums. The fans were heard and now, in Israel, with only two concerts as part of a large European tour, the most famous and most reckless punk-pop-rave band Little Big arrives.
November 8-9 in Zappa Haifa and HANGAR 11, Tel Aviv -Yafo, Israel, Rehov Yorde Hsira 1 will turn into a crazy dancefloor.

In its new program, Little Big traditionally performs its catchy songs about simple and understandable things through the prism of sarcasm and satire. By the way, Little Big does it in simple English, which is understandable to everyone and eliminates the issue of interlingual misunderstanding.

The concert will feature bright, bold, provocative videos for songs that are recognized as viral – they spread at a breakneck pace, millions watch them, and the next millions share them with millions of their friends and subscribers.

Friends! We remind you that only two concerts of the outrageous rave band Little Big will take place on November 8 and 9, at 20:00, at Zappa Haifa and Tel Aviv Hangar 11, at Yorday HaSira 1. Musical surprises await you, which the group keeps secret , because Little Big always reveals all its secrets unexpectedly, with originality inherent only to it

11/8/2022 – 11/9/2022
Haifa 8.11 ZAPPA CLUB
https://www.zappa< br /> Tel Aviv 9.11 Hangar 11

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