World Cup in Qatar: how are things going with kosher food

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 World Cup in Qatar: how is kosher food going< /p>

Jews who eat kosher food and are football fans will not have to go hungry during the World Cup games in Qatar.

According to the Jerusalem Post, there was made a “historic step” and kosher food will be sold in Qatar, with which Israel has no diplomatic relations.

Rabbi Mark Schneieres of New York, together with a Turkish rabbi, announced the opening of the first kosher kitchen in Qatar at the opening of the World Cup.

“The FIFA World Cup aims to bring people together, connect with people from different nations, cultures and religions, and make everyone feel included and welcomed. The Government of the State of Qatar is fulfilling a mitzvah by making kosher food available to members of the global Jewish community, including those who come from Israel,” said Rabbi Schneier.

So, in Qatar, you can enjoy traditional Jewish dishes: bagels, challah, hummus and others.

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