World Cup 2022: FIFA urged to replace Iran national team

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 2022 FIFA World Cup: FIFA urged to replace Iran national team

UN Ambassador Gianni Infantino called on FIFA to replace the Iranian national team at the World Cup in Qatar. According to the diplomat, the Italian team should be included instead of the Iranians. “Once again, the world demands immediate action from you to disqualify Iran from the 2022 World Cup. You, along with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, opposed the Super League. The world should not be overshadowed by negative political news for billions of fans around the world. This, apparently, may affect the victorious work that you and Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani have done, ”he said. According to the ambassador, he personally and the whole world dreams of Italy playing against England after Iran's disqualification. “It is my understanding that Italy is number one in the FIFA rankings among those who have not qualified,” — Zampolli added.

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