Workhorse has created an electric vehicle called the N-Gen with the drone

At the beginning of this year an American startup revealed Workhorse pickup for “battery” and now debuts all-electric van called N-Gen.

Workhorse N-Gen is a light commercial vehicle designed for razvodok for short distances. The height of the cargo compartment is slightly more than 2.6 m, and the level of the loading platform above the ground – a total of 48.2 see next year the company plans to offer a larger model with a capacity of 19.8 and 28.3 cubic meters.

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“At hand” N-Gen – HorseFly drone (made mostly of carbon) that can be used for delivery of the goods to the customer. Oktokopter (eight screws) capable of carrying cargo weighing up to 4.5 kg and to develop a 72 km/h.

On a single charge Workhorse N-Gen passing to 161 km. However, using a small gasoline engine “range” can be increased by another 120 miles. customers can Also count on all-wheel drive version and best – in-class turning radius of 7.9 m.

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