Workers rescued the national animal of the country: “drowned in the icy river”

Рабочие спасли национальное животное страны: «тонул в ледяной реке»

Workers saw the animal fell through the ice and can’t get out

In Estonia men conducted the work at the dam of the river pärnu, near the town of Sindi was saved from the river, the dog appeared… a wild wolf.

Workers noticed the animal had fallen into the water and all his attempts to get to shore were unsuccessful. Concerned people rushed to help and pulled the poor dog that showed no aggression.

Рабочие спасли национальное животное страны: «тонул в ледяной реке»

The dog was being dried with towels, warmed and decided just in case to take a veterinary clinic. As told one of the workers, the animal in the car behaved quite peacefully. “He was calm, slept on my feet,” said the Estonian.

And only the vet it turned out that the rescued animal is not a dog, but a real wolf.

Veterinarians suspect that the dog is not real dog and to dispel or confirm their assumptions caused a local hunter, who told is, say, a wolf.

The doctors said that shocked and frozen wolf had low blood pressure that caused his aggressive behavior. All the vets put the animal in a cage.

Treatment wolf paid the Estonian Union for the protection of animals (EUPA). Wolf spent a day in the clinic as quickly went on the amendment.

Рабочие спасли национальное животное страны: «тонул в ледяной реке»

Before his release in a natural habitat, he hung a collar with a GPS sensor, to ensure that biologists could track its movements and to use this research. Then the wolf released into the wild.

In EUPA said that in the country there are hundreds of wolves, try not to interact with people. Scientists were able not only a few individuals to place special collars.

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It is also noted that in 2018, the wolf was recognized as the national animal of Estonia.

Рабочие спасли национальное животное страны: «тонул в ледяной реке»

As previously reported, the Governor keeps in the apartment of wolf and walks him in the Park on a leash. As told by his mistress, the wolf was saved from certain death when he was very young. He was trained dogs. Now he’s two and his name is Howl.

According to the girl, the animal is very timid, he is particularly frightened of men, and cameras.

There is a predator living in an ordinary apartment, but the landlady says they will soon move into a private house.

Recall that the wolves attacked the man under the Curve of the Horn.

As reported Politeka, in the capital’s circus, the leopard began to tear the child to the parent.

Politeka also wrote that the marine rushed to help the dog, sinking in the hole.

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