Work in the garden and in the garden in November

Autumn came, and things at the site is not diminished. As you prepare for the next season, significantly depends on the harvest.

Роботи на городі і в саду в листопаді

Work in the garden and in the garden in November
1. In the beginning of the month you should spray the bushes and trees with a concentrated solution of mineral fertilizers (if you don’t have time to do at the end of October). You can take any of them, but cheaper and easier (because it is easily diluted in cold water) are urea (carbamide). You will need 700 g per 10 liters of water. If you don’t have mineral fertilizers, use table salt, but salt need 1 kg for 10 l of water. Spray should not only aboveground part, but also the soil under the plantings.

You should start with the ends of the branches, as they laid eggs aphids. Then spray all branches, their fork, because the forks and crevices of the bark winter many pests. Therefore, thoroughly spray the trunks and stems. If the trees are still hanging foliage, spraying is doing right. Fallen leaves, underneath and in the upper layer of the soil is also going to winter pests. When spraying a solution of such high concentration you will destroy them.

Why this event should be held in the late fall? Because the plants should retire, and shook the covers of the overwintering pests are still weak. Fertilizer will penetrate, disturbed salt metabolism, and the pest will die and the plant at rest you won’t harm you. Of course, in the summer of this spraying cannot be done, it will cause chemical burns not only leaves but also in the ovary. Chemical burns when spraying pesticides increased concentration and thermal burns when strong frosts occur in the form of a convex “darling” spots and “warts” on the fruit. On apples and pears they are gray-green in color.

Re-spraying a concentrated solution of mineral fertilizers should be done in early spring, before the SAP flow. Higher doses of mineral fertilizers is detrimental not only for pests but also for spores of pathogens of mushroom diseases.
When spraying (NOT irrigation) in the soil does not accumulate increased dose of mineral elements. This spraying is as effective as treatment garden NITROPHENOL, which is a powerful poison that causes irreversible liver damage. No wonder nutrafin always been banned for use in gardens and backyards. It can be applied no closer than 200 to 400 m from the accommodation. So, using it in your garden, you are poisoning not only themselves but all of their neighbors.
2. Do I need to do the digging tree trunks circles? First of all, why is it needed? To between clods of earth exposed to water and winter cold, freezing and thus destroy overwintering pests. In addition, to improve air. But if you spray the garden in the summer is not weeded, and cut the weeds and mulching their soil for planting, the soil is not compacted, but rather became loose and breathable. So digging may not do.
3. Do I need to water the garden in the fall? It is necessary, if the end of summer and beginning of autumn was dry. Not that the plants went into winter dehydrated. In this case, there is a great danger of them freezing in the harsh winter. Frost not so much damage, how much dry new growth at the ends of branches.

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Роботи на городі і в саду в листопаді

4. Need to introduce manure or rotted compost in tree trunks circles? Organics need to be paid after the end of SAP flow, otherwise it can cause undesirable at such a late time growth of branches. But to make it it is necessary not in the row circles, and the perimeter of the crown, where the roots suck.

5. What if at the end of summer you have not made the necessary root growth phosphorus and potassium? As they say, “the train has left”. Now these fertilizers is pointless. The only thing you can do is make the soil fertilizer AVA, because it is not water soluble and therefore not washed out of soils no autumn, no spring water. In addition, as soon as the soil temperature will drop to 8 degrees Celsius, it generally stops the fertilizer to dissolve than if it was not, and therefore perfectly preserved until the next season.
6. The leaves should not be removed. On the contrary, it is necessary to shovel it under planting around the perimeter of the crown, to insulate the area of the sucking roots. Why is shoveling, and even burn the leaves? Because in fallen leaves overwinter pathogens and some pests. But you from their leaves stripped. Spring also should not remove the leaves from under the landings. Just a couple of weeks from her unkempt appearance will not be over. It will take away in their moves earthworms, eat and produce humus. Perepravnaya letter restores soil fertility. In the forest no one cleans, and humus accumulated in the soil, and is not reduced.

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7. In the beginning and in the middle of the month, pour all the vacant beds, including in greenhouses, the solution “fitosporin”. Living in this bacterium and the predator will be a long time to destroy pathogens of fungal and bacterial diseases because it only dies at 20 degrees below zero. Under snow cover it is perfectly preserved and continues to live and work in the soil.
8. Should be cut and put into the compost aboveground part of perennial flowers, but only if she is sick.
The soil will have to spray any copper containing drug (3% solution – 1 tablespoon to 1 liter of water).
But if the foliage is healthy (and it will this is with regular use of the “spring cocktail” during the season, and quite enough to do that spraying only once a month), leave perennial flowers stand up to the frost. Frost devour the stems, and they will cover the rhizomes themselves, and in addition, will delay the snow.

9. At the end of the month make of the shelter over the roses, clematis, chrysanthemums, okucia peonies, phloxes, irises, if you haven’t already.
10. Free trunks and skeletal branches of trees from lichens. This will make 7-10% solution of iron sulphate (1 tablespoon of sulphate in 300 ml of water) and apply this solution on lichens. After a few days they will fall to the ground.
11. It often happens that trees fall off the leaves. This is bad, because first the snow will break the branches, and therefore have to constantly shake the snow from trees, especially since the snow usually falls wet and therefore heavy. Broken branches should be immediately cut, and the cut is lubricated with green paint. In spring additionally clean the places of breakdowns and zamazhte black lacquer for metal – bitumen. On top of it will grow new bark.
To continue such incidents did not happen, at the end of October, we have to get leaves all the accumulated reserve to transfer to the wood. In order to cause leaf yellowing and then falling off, it is necessary to spray the trees on the leaves with urea (200-250 g is approximately 10 tablespoons per 10 liters of water).

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Роботи на городі і в саду в листопаді

12. If you are whitewashed trunks of Apple trees, immediately do this until the temperature dropped to 6 degrees.

13. Early November is the right time in order to make spraying of the garden of concentrated solution of mineral fertilizers (700 g urea per 10 liters of water) to destroy overwintering on the trunk and tree trunks round pests.
14. If you have on the trunks of lichen, it is now also possible to get rid of them, “painting” these 7-10% (2.5 tablespoons to 1 liter of water) solution of ferrous sulfate. To spring them on the plants will remain.

15. In the premises of the look of the mouse, usually they run along walls, so put in several places near the baseboards bait poison. Very good and quite effective means “Storm”, “Claret”, “GILDAN”. They are not a poison in the truest sense of the word. They cause fatal lung disease, not immediately after mice and rats will eat the bait, and after a week, so the smart rats can associate the food with illness and not warning relatives of danger. Food they like, and they report it to the other animals that also come to eat, so one bait you almost destroy the whole family. Rodents do not die in the room, as when the lung disease they lack air and get out on the street. Cats and dogs such mice, as a rule, do not eat, and therefore a danger to other animals. But to feed they can eat – be careful.
If you are afraid to use such a feed, then spray the baseboards ammonia-anavini drops or scatter seeds along the walls of the green hound. Mice hate the smell of anise and the seeds, clinging to the skin, cause nervous stress rodent – mouse will leave your house.

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