Wool to anything: scientists have explained why there is an Allergy to cats

Шерсть ні до чого: науковці пояснили, чому виникає алергія на кішок

Scientists explained the cause of allergies to cats

Many people at home living alone or even a few fluffy cats. Allergic to these Pets, unfortunately, is quite common, which prevents to enjoy communication with your beloved animal. Why does it occur? Scientists from Australia have found the answer.

If you think that the culprit is the cat hair, which are especially numerous in the house, we have to disappoint you. It’s useless here! It turns out that guilty is not the coat fluffy and allergenic protein, which contains all the pet of the liquid. He probably acts as an involuntary protective response.

This protein was discovered by researchers from the University of Queensland, similar to the poison that secretes the only poisonous Primate in the world – a slow Lori. If an animal bites a person, there comes a serious allergic reaction that is accompanied by severe pain, difficulty breathing, blood in the urine and other symptoms.

Шерсть ні до чого: науковці пояснили, чому виникає алергія на кішок

The reason for the Allergy is a protein, not wool

And sweat glands slow Lori also contains proteins identical to those that distinguish domestic cats. Their saliva, sweat and urine do not contain this substance, so a person with allergies has the potential to feel uncomfortable symptoms just by being in the room where the pet lives.

So now you can not worry and not to look for cat breeds that have a minimum of wool. If you are allergic to cats, the presence or absence of life will not make it easier 😉

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