Women over 30: what they think about men?

Every woman dreams to be beautiful at any age, and in eighteen and fifty. They spend a lot of money on cosmetics and beauty salons, but you can’t fool nature – after all the years take their toll. Women suffer but continue pursuit of the youth. Why? To please myself and, of course, the opposite sex …

Жінки за 30: що про них думають чоловіки?

But how do men feel about women’s age? What they say actually, when you say: “She is thirty”?

Let’s start with the well-known anecdote, entitled “the Geography of women”.

From 18 to 20 years a woman is like Africa, half open, prodoljenia, naputica, distinguished by the natural beauty and fertile deltas.

From 21 to 30 years the woman is like America – well developed and cultivated, is wide open to trade, especially for those with a tight wallet.

From 31 to 40 years a woman is like India – hot and hot, relaxed and convinced of its own beauty.

From 41 to 50 years a woman is akin to France – a beautiful, aging but still desirable – as vintage wine.

From 51 to 60 years she is like Yugoslavia – lost the war, plagued by the mistakes of the past. Required large-scale reconstruction.

From 61 to 70 years, it is Russia, the same vast and wide, with uncontrolled borders. Frigde climate scares people.

From 71 to 75 years the woman is like Mongolia, with a glorious past, is paved with many victories and conquests, but, alas, no future.

After 76 years woman nothing like Afghanistan – almost everyone knows what (who) was going on, but nobody volunteered there did not turn up.

Someone will find the joke funny, someone – not very, but the truth in it is still present. The woman, of course, beautiful in its own way at any age. This is – an axiom.

Today we will talk about how men treat women who are already at least a little, but over thirty. We will try to understand the pros and cons of the fairer sex, and may they forgive us is not ethical attitude towards them.

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– After everything is done for their own good.

If you are a little over 30: pros

Great experience: the woman, probably, “burned” more than once, and therefore knows how to appreciate the most important: family, love and understanding. It is just those things which are lacking in very young girls.

Of course, there are exceptions, but they are rare. Basically, the life path algorithm woman is this: entering an adult – in every sense of the word – life, it first tries to enjoy the fullness of “maturity”, then get this benefit, but in the end, disentangle your own expressiveness and gluttony.

It is logical to assume that a woman of thirty is a little walk up, “burned”, and now she wants stability, confidence, warmth and happiness.

A great sexual experience. The woman “thirty” knows better how to please a man than twenty-year-old girl. In terms of passion and energy the student will, of course, give her a head start, however, experienced temptress knows what actually men want.

At thirty she was still young and beautiful. She knows their strengths and weaknesses, knows how to “submit” himself to the best level. She correctly responds to compliments of men and very thin makes it a reciprocal reverence.

The woman behind 30 years ago, understands that beauty is a dangerous weapon to use which need extremely thin. And she will think a hundred times before resorting to this scenario.

She moved up the career ladder and, therefore, more time will be given to the family. Why? She’s probably too much time career, so still not married, she has no children, and every year give birth to a child will be harder and harder.

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It follows that ladies in the thirty to think about the family. In addition, for men who is over 30, his age is a much better option for a family than a young girl. After all, the more the woman energy, the greater the likelihood that it will pogulyat on the side.

A woman over thirty is smart and knows what she wants in life. This is an important fact. The man was full of 20-year-old fool (forgive me girls), wants to develop relationships with intelligent, faithful, and important! – Confident woman. A woman who soberly and rationally aims, and in a relationship says “we” and “us” and not “I” and “me.”

The woman “thirty” a man sees a faithful, loving wife, confidently standing on his feet, young, beautiful, sexy. But, as you know, the coin has a reverse side …

If you are a little over 30: cons

She is divorced and she has children. In other words: she has no luck in marriage, or maybe she’s so intolerable a nature that the husband was not able to get on with it. Well, the child in this case – the extra ballast, you will excuse me for saying that.

The lady over thirty looking for a man not for love but for money. Failed marriage could have left a heavy footprint in the shower, so a marriage of convenience – even for noble reasons – the need to husband “loved and cared”, and if she loves him – is it tenth. Of course, this turn of events – not the most pleasant thing.

If a woman so long not married, then the question arises – why? It’s one thing if she painstakingly built a career and a family aside.

And if the reason is because she does not know how to build relationships? Can’t say “we”, it has only “I”? Finally, she doesn’t know how to love and appreciate the guy for what he is, loves her and is willing to do anything she was happy for the first time to give birth at the age of 35 is harder than 25? Is if she has no children , It is also a question of when is the best time to get married and have children before making career or after.

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Body she is not so beautiful like in 20 years – no matter how beautiful was not a woman over thirty. Especially if she’s already had her baby. And this is, sadly, true.

Not all women can boast of a perfect body in fifty years, like Cindy Crawford, demi Moore and Sharon stone. Many in the thirty and already have cellulite, Breasts SAG, buttocks lose their shape – it adds to the advantages.

A woman over thirty can be opinionated and demanding. This is especially true (we’re not just talking about sex) and relationships (cheap jewelry the lady to the decline).

It is possible that the conquest of the hearts for such ladies turn into the taming of the shrew. But it is at least interesting for the hunter-men, but sooner or later he may get bored. Especially if you have a choice.

She had too many men. Already repeatedly touched upon the subject, certainly managed to fill nauseam readers, about how men like to be the first, and how to relate to women has changed a dozen other partners. To be her “umpteenth” a man wants only if she is a terrific lover, if he loves her madly, or if you are desperate to find a mate.

Summing up, we note that, by and large, a man little interested in the woman’s age, if he actually loves her. But for pragmatists who carefully analyze every step, surely there are a dozen more reasons on the subject of pros and cons of women over 30.

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