Women in business: the path to success. March 8 and forever

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 Women in business: the path to success. From March 8 and forever

Long gone are the notions that women are at least somewhat inferior to men. They are no worse and even better than men can manage ministries, large companies, small businesses, aircraft and cars. However, they often still need help to help them show their abilities. That is why the association “Initiatives of the Future” (Yozmot Atid) and the GoodPharm network have organized a joint new project to promote the economic independence of women entrepreneurs.

On the eve of International Women's Day on March 8, the Good Pharm chain, which sells pharmaceutical products, hygiene products and much more at reasonable prices, began cooperation with the Future Initiatives Association. This is not just “amuta”, of which there are many. The goal of Future Initiatives – help women become financially independent by accompanying them in the process of starting a business. Up to 1,100 women benefit from this association every year, and now the Good Pharm network is joining it.

As part of a joint campaign, during the first two weeks of March, the Good Pharm network will advertise the small business of women project graduates Association “Initiatives of the Future”. About 100 women entrepreneurs will take part in the event, which will be held under the motto“Good that you are the way you are”.

Good Pharm's 53 affiliates across the country will tell their customers about businesses near them run by women entrepreneurs. In order to promote them, Good Pharm will distribute flyers to customers and place ads on cash register screens. In addition, the network will also advertise these businesses on social media and on its online app.

Within a month, Good Pharm will sell bags with the slogan of the project instead of its usual reusable bags, and on March 8, the chain's customers will receive them for free with every purchase.

Zofit Gordon, CEO of the Initiative future»:“One of the biggest challenges for the women entrepreneurs we support is getting their business going. Many of them do not have enough finances and professional knowledge to organize advertising and marketing campaigns. The support of the Good Pharm network is very valuable and will allow dozens of business owners to increase the flow of customers. Business campaign mobilizing for the benefit of women entrepreneurs, — this is a wonderful and inspiring contribution to the advancement of women in business.

Lital Poplavsky, Good Pharm Sales Director:“Like a brand started from scratch” Two young entrepreneurs who were looking for a fair consumer alternative and in a few years turned into a large and successful network, we believe in the effectiveness of helping businesses from the very beginning and are happy to be part of this support, launched by the Future Initiatives Association. Most of our branches are neighborhood stores for the general public and we view their audiences as a force in empowering small businesses. As a business with over 60% female employees, we believe in the power of the “weaker sex” and we encourage every woman to dare and dream big. After all, each of them must be sure that “It's good that you are the way you are.”

Future Initiatives Association; (“Yozmot Atid”)

For ten years now, this association has been helping women from the social and geographical periphery to create and develop their small businesses and thus achieve economic and family independence. The association operates throughout the country, in dozens of localities, and accompanies women from all walks of Israeli society: secular and ultra-religious, new immigrants and natives of the country, from the Jewish and Arab, Bedouin and Druze sectors, etc.

Annually “Initiatives of the Future” support more than 1,100 women entrepreneurs who participate in the association's new business creation programs, which include, among other things, an advanced course in creating and managing a small business and personal mentorship of leading businessmen in the process of managing their business. Since its founding until today, the association has helped over 5,500 women who have participated in the programs. During this time, the 1,000 women's businesses created as part of this activity brought their owners about 60 million shekels of net income and another 60 million shekels received by the state through deductions from businesses and savings from the termination of various benefits. The Association is accompanied by a number of strategic partners, including Hapoalim Bank, USAID, Fiverr, Strauss, Alstom, Azrieli Foundation and many others. The association was founded by entrepreneur Nissim Bar-El and is currently led by CEO Tzofit Gordon and Bat-Sheva Moshe, who is the chairman of the association.

Good Pharm Network

Good Pharm — it is a retail network of the “dragstore” format; for the sale of pharmaceutical products, hygiene products, household chemicals, etc. at discount prices, which is owned by Rami Levy and brand founders Adam Friedler and Ohad Sandler. The goal of the network is to become a significant consumer alternative in the pharmaceutical market and allow the general public to buy quality products at fair prices. The network operates in complete transparency for customers and has dozens of branches across the country.

The network's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GOODPHARM.Israel/

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