Women are conquering space: uncovered the details of the historic mission, NASA

Женщины покоряют космос: раскрыты детали исторической миссии НАСА

At the end of this month in space will go the first ever exclusively female team of astronauts

The preparation involved the American space Agency NASA. In open space will the astronaut Anne McClain and Christina Koch. At the same time to coordinate their actions with the Land will also be a female Manager Kristen Facciol.

“In accordance with the agreed plans, exit 29 March will be the first spacewalk, which will be attended only by women,” — said the representative of NASA to CNN.

Женщины покоряют космос: раскрыты детали исторической миссии НАСА

The output of astronauts in outer space will be the second of the three outputs during the 59th expedition to the ISS, which starts March 14.

Anne McClain is included in the current crew of the International space station, and Christina Koch is a member of the 59th expedition.

Женщины покоряют космос: раскрыты детали исторической миссии НАСА

Kristen Facciol will help them from the Ground, while the remote control in the Space center Johnson in Houston, Texas. In accordance with the plan, the astronauts will conduct in space 7 hours.

Earlier we talked about the fact that the astronaut Anne McClain shared what happened on the International space station.

39-year-old NASA astronaut is in orbit since December 3, 2018, and during these three months, she was noticeably higher.

McClane his observation was shared on his page on the social network Twitter. A woman after trying on a spacesuit for spacewalk wrote: “I am two inches higher than it was during launch.” Translated to the metric system astronaut grew by five centimeters.

As previously reported, the NASA astronaut had forgotten how to walk after space flight.

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When a person is a long time in weightlessness, and it is not subjected to earth’s gravity upon return to Earth it can cause serious problems with spatial awareness.

With such effect at the time faced a NASA astronaut drew Feustel when he returned after work on the International space station.

Drew Feustel shared a video where he’s learning to walk again. The astronaut had from the very beginning to get used to gravity after 197 days, which he spent in space on the ISS.

Recall, the ship’s Crew Dragon from Elon musk fulfilled historical mission.

As reported Politeka, the world has shown a Grand rocket launch Elon musk.

Also Politeka wrote that Ukraine and NASA will work together to conquer the moon: the details of the ambitious project.

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