Woman who stabbed her ex 19 times claims it was a dream

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 Woman who stabbed her ex 19 times claims it was a dream

A Wisconsin woman has been charged with attempted first-degree murder after she allegedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend 19 times during what she says , she “saw it in a dream”.

According to the criminal case, on February 18, police were called to the home of 21-year-old Morgan Lund, who was being abused after she allegedly stabbed her ex-boyfriend who lived there.

Lund told police that she had attacked her ex who slept on the couch because she “felt like she saw a dark, inhuman figure”.

Lund and the unnamed ex recently split after three years of relationship and have a child together.

The complaint states: “She had confused memories of something that could have been a dream or her imagination, but she thought that (the victim) was yelling at their daughter. She remembers being in the living room at the time and seeing this dark, a fearsome figure from above (the victim) attacking him. a dark sinister figure attacking (the victim). It was only when (the victim) screamed at her and resisted that she realized that the figure was not there and she had actually injured (the victim). She says that as soon as she realized what was happening, she put down the scissors and tried to give first aid to (the victim) ”.

The victim reportedly suffered multiple stab wounds to his back and front side. He claimed that Lund had abused him throughout the relationship. Police seized scissors that could have been used in the attack.

Lund has pleaded not guilty. A psychiatric evaluation has been ordered and she is on $250,000 bail. The next court hearing is scheduled for April 13.

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