Woman traveled 800 km to pass the simplest test – and failed

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 A woman drove 800 km to pass the simplest test - and failed

A woman drove 800 km in 10 hours in the hope of passing her driving test in the most “simple” way test center – but failed again

London's Constance Kampfer traveled all the way to Mill Island off the west coast of Scotland to pass her second driving test, which was described as “easier” than most test centres.

She developed a fear of roundabouts while driving and decided to take her test in a place where she was less likely to face her fear.

And then she discovered Mill Island, which has one of the highest pass rates in the UK – almost 90% – and consists of mostly single track roads and just one roundabout.

During the test, the instructor said to Constance, “I don't like to talk about people who don't pass exams. Consider that you just didn't pass the test.”

“He mentioned several times that I deviated too far from the middle of the road, but I took it as friendly advice.

“It turned out to be my fault instead.”

So it looks like the student will have to try her luck again, but maybe she won't go that far next time.

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