Woman, raskopova the grave: I wanted late grandfather senses my husband

A woman from the village of Smordva Malinovskogo district explained why he put under the pillow of the deceased picture and then dug into the ground.

Жінка, розкопавша могилу: Я хотіла, щоб покійний дід напоумив мого чоловіка

She stated that he did so because he wanted to reassure the legitimate husband of the Novel.

“Died by his own grandfather, who I was constantly protected from bullying and beatings. When he died, I decided to put under the pillow of a picture of the Novel that he “repented” grandson and he stopped beating me and scoff. When I realized that the husband of this act, may die, I decided to dig up the grave and take a picture,” said the woman.

She also stressed that her husband was prompted to take a photo of the grave. According to the woman, he called the police when she dug into the ground. “He wanted to set me up, because we should be the court about divorce. Roman wants to take of three children, I’m against it,” added Antonina Gooch.

In Klinowska district police Department confirmed that family conflict exists. “Now investigate criminal case about infliction of light bodily harm Antonina guch her lawful husband,” – said the head of Malinovskogo district police station Sergei Volkov.

For the desecration of the grave of a relative, the woman faces a fine of 3 thousand 400 hryvnias, and up to 3 years of restriction of freedom.

As reported, in the village of Smordva police detained a woman during the excavations the grave of a relative . His action, she explained that wanted to get out of the coffin the photo of her husband, which she put on the funeral.

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